Our Founder


Nicole Indelicato

L&H is more than a shop to grab green juice or a healthy bowl.

More specifically, it’s my movement.

Hello, I’m Nicole Indelicato, founder of Life & Honey, and I’d like to welcome you to my dream.

 I learned the hard way that being healthy is a conscious choice, not something that just “happens” to you. For most of my life, I felt sick and suffered from extreme fatigue and an autoimmune disease. From the outside, I looked fine. On the inside, I was suffering. I went to all kinds of doctors and specialists seeking answers. Why was I sick? But no one could diagnose me with any degree of certainty. I was a health mystery in the eyes of Western medicine, so I did what any self-respecting badass lady would do… I decided to become an advocate for myself and went the alternative route. Only then did I discover how foods and toxic free products would play a big role in my healing process.

Just imagine how ALIVE I could have felt had I known sooner.

So, off I went on a journey to find foods that made me feel good, vibrant & alive. My quest sent me beyond grocery stores and back to the farm. It took me from conventional to local. From suffering to healed. And it taught me more about the foods served in 99.9% of dining establishments in the US. It became more and more obvious to me that there were no fast and fresh restaurants that are both convenient and healthy.


It was my mission to create such a place.

Life & Honey is the establishment I longed for.

It’s a hub where active, and adventurous people can connect over green smoothie and a healthy bowl. It’s a place where you (and your family) can comfortably attend a workshop, eat quinoa together, or meet your favorite running group for a jog. It’s a home where you can work on your novel, support local farmers, and become part of a family.