What We Believe

At Life & Honey we believe in filling our minds, bodies, and souls with the best. We serve high quality, safe, locally-sourced, fresh whole foods to world changing individuals. We aim to cultivate relationships, help our community, and create an atmosphere that’s as comfortable as Monica and Rachel’s living room.


Stories are what make us human. Each of us has one to share. Listening to each other is how we learn, connect and make life meaningful. Come meet your running group, attend a workshop, or take a class with us.


Your surroundings should inspire you. Whether you’re at the top of a mountain or enjoying a juice on our couch, we want you to feel like you belong. Our establishments are designed so you feel right at home.


Food is meant to fuel. Our ingredients are locally sourced, safe, organic, whole foods that restore your health and vitality. That, in our opinion, is the way “on-the-go” was supposed to be.


We love food, but we love people more. We’re in the business of helping individuals feel empowered, create connections, and fuel their bodies. We serve our customers with compassion, intelligence and care. The same way we treat our community and planet. How can we serve you today?